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Monday, 31 March 2008
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Welcome to the Darien Alumni website
Friday, 12 September 2008
We are very exciting to invite all of Darien Connecticut's High School Alumni onto our new website!  We plan to make this website the future home for all you Alumni to reconnect with lost friends, and to be a very useful free tool for your classes to organize reunions.

This site has been designed specifically for Darien High School graduates, and will be a free way to reconnect, post photos, see where everyone is in the world etc.  So please pass this onto classmates that you are in contact with so we can build the community.

Those who are in charge of putting together Class Reunions please contact us directly throught the contact page, and we can give you some instructions on how to maximize this website for your event.  We hope we can be of help.

We are proud to offer this site for no cost!
  • No fees or charges, Registration will always be free
  • Contact members of your class, reconnect with old friends
  • Post Messages on the DHS Message board
  • Learn about Upcoming Darien Reunions
  • A great resource for those planning events and reunions!

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